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    Sandwich Panel Production Line


    Sandwich panel production line is main equipment that is used to produce sandwich panel — a new building materials which has the features as stable, light, solidity and beautiful appearance. The application of sandwich panels in various usage of large-scale house like supermarket, workshop, warehouse is convenient and fast in building. They also can be offered to construct refrigerator, clearing room .etc
    ● H plate, tong & groove panel plate production available
    ● Corrugated panel with various joints option available
    ● EPS or rock wool & glass wool panel available
    ● Joint-hidden panel plate with various joint and plate type available
    ● Continuous automatic production available
    ● Nonstandard panel type as Customer requirement
    ● Flexible option for customer practical need 
    ● PLC(programmable logic controller) combined with touch screen apply convenient and reliable operation  
    ● Automatic length to cut and count available 
    ● Complete accessory equipment available


    ● External/fix dimensions:Length45000mm × Width4500mm × Height2700mm
    ● Operation Voltage: 380V
    ● Total power: about 32KW 
    ● Weight: 25ton
    ● Production/Operation rate: 0-4.5m/min
    ● Material thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
    ● Core thickness: 20-300mm
    ● Core material: EPS, rock wool and glass wool
    ● Control system: Touch screen with PLC, Transducer 

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